A bit of background about me. I am an artist, or at least that's what I like to call myself, just an artist. Visualizing is what I enjoy doing the most, whether it's on paper, circuit board or through a lens. We all see things in a different way. What one person sees as the whole idea, some see as just small parts taken separately. I am of the thinking that art is an expression, whether it's realist, abstract, emotive or anything else. It's a conversation between the viewer and the work. In drawing I tend to label myself as an expressionist. In design, I draw from so many different aspects of art that it's hard to peg a style. For me it's important to seek a variety of ways of addressing a concept.


I approach programming in similar manner. Programming involves patterns in the code and a regimented approach, but with some adjustments for the creative. I find the structure of programming helps to balance the creative work I do. The variety of languages used to complete a project involves exercising the parts of my thinking that aren't as strong as the creative side, it is a challenge for me in a lot of repects. I enjoy programming because it requires me to think in a more linear and structured manner than I would normally and I enjoy the challenge.


For my photography I have a wide range of approaches. It is only recently that I have started to look towards photography as not just a createive outlet personnally but also as a part of my business. I can approach a wide range of subject from food photogrpahy to landscapes with similar approaches. I enjoy experimenting as well and, as with most experiments, some are better than others.

About ScottConnerDesign

I am a freelance photographer, developer and designer based in Northern Colorado working in Loveland, Fort Collins and through Boulder. I have worked in the creative industry for more than 12 years, as a developer for nearly 4 years now and most recently as a professional photographer. If you're looking for a completely custom website or application (I will soon be adding mobile development to my platform) please contact me.

There is nothing like experience to teach you a different way of looking at things. And there is nothing like looking at something in a different way to learn something new about it. Art is my constant conversation. I hope that I can help you start a conversation of your own.